Let's Make Your ѿƵ Education a Reality

Financial Aid
98% ѿƵ Students Receive Financial Aid
3X Financial Aid than Public Schools
18K Average Total Grants & Scholarships to Freshman

We've been named one of the best value colleges in the Midwest time and time again, and we provide more financial aid than similarly priced public institutions. We're here to expand your world of opportunity, and we're committed to breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of that mission. Through scholarships, grants, work programs, and more, we'll work to lighten the load so that you can fly high.

Through financial aid and other benefits, students receive a private education at ѿƵ University for less than the cost of a state or public university.

As part of the Catholic and Lasallian Mission, ѿƵ provides values-based education. ѿƵ was recently ranked in the Top 20 of Catholic colleges nationwide with high starting salaries for graduates. Learn more about the ways we help students to decrease and afford tuition costs:

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